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EverFlo recognizes that chemical treatment will typically be necessary to cope with the unanticipated production problems associated with capillary strings, paraffinns, asphaltenes and hydrates which all have the potential to reduce or stop production.

EverFlo products and chemicals are designed specifically for the unique operating environments and needs of each individual well.

» Demulsifiers
» Emulsion Breakers
» Corrosion Inhibitors
» Scale Inhibitors
» Paraffin Control Compounds
» Specialty Surfactants
» Foamers- condensate/water
» H2S
» CO2 Scavengers
» Water Clarifiers
» Soap Sticks
» Completion Fluids
» Guar Gum (dry or slurry)
» Clay Stabilizers
» Biocides
» Cross Linking Packages
» Friction Reducers
» Pipe on Pipe Lubricant
» Liquid Xanthan Gum
» Liquid Poly Beads
» Liquid Graphite
» KCL Substitute
» BioremediationDemulsifiers

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